Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find information on the current FIC recall?
A: Please visit our Recall Page to read about the current recall and determine if your lock is affected.

Q: What are the FIC key codes?
A: The codes for FIC keys come in four ranges:
            CF301 - CF351
            EF301 - EF351
            HF301 - HF351
            CW401- CW434  **New Series**
Any key code not listed here is not stocked by Fastec and belongs to another lock manufacturer.

Q: What is the difference between the HF300 series and the CW400 series?
A: The new CW400 series of cylinders and keys are made to be unique from the old CF300, EF300, and HF300 series. You cannot use a HF301 key in a CW401 lock, nor can you use a CW401 key in a HF301 lock.

Important - If you need to change out cylinders, HF300 series cylinders will not fit in a lock that originally had CW400 series cylinders (a lock made mid-summer 2014 or after). The HF300 cylinders are too big to fit. However, if you have an older lock that originally had HF300 series cylinders, you may put the CW400 series cylinders in it.

Q: I have a key code of CF301. Will the HF301 key work as a replacement?
A: Yes, all HF key codes are designed to replace both the CF and EF key codes.
     However, CW key codes will not work as a valid replacement.

Q: I have a key code of HF301. Will the CW401 key work as a replacement?

A: No, CW key codes will not work as a valid replacement for key codes CF, EF, or HF. The CW400 series is a new unique series. Please call customer service at
1-800-837-2505 if you have further concerns on this.

Q: I lost my keys. How do I find my key code?
A: To find the key code to your lock, you will need to remove the lock from the door. This is easily done by removing the four screws from the inside handle of the lock assembly. There should be a label on the inner steel plate that will tell you the key code.

Label for Key Code

Q: How can I find out the model number of my lock?
A: To find the model number of your lock, you will need to remove the lock from the door. This is easily done by removing the four screws from the inside handle of the lock assembly. On the interior handle portion of the lock, under the Company Address, there will be a 5 digit model number.

In this example, the lock model number is 43610.

Lock Model Number

If your lock does not have this stamped on the plate with the red deadbolt, then you have a 43610 lock made in 2014 or after.

Q: This is an emergency! Can you overnight my lock or keys to me?
A: Yes, we do offer expedited shipping at your request.

Q: Shipping - how long with it take to get my order?
A: Orders with less than 10 keys will be sent by US Postal Mail. Depending on your location, this may take up to a week to arrive after the order is processed. All other orders will be sent UPS Ground. Expedited shipping is available upon your request for locks, keys, and Hepvo items. The FIC electric jack and Dimplex Firebox are not available for expedited shipping.

Q: I need a key to my baggage door lock. How can I tell what the key code is for it?
A: Baggage door locks prior to mid-summer 2014 were normally coded with the HF315 key. Any baggage locks purchased after mid-summer 2014 now come with the new series CW415 key.

Q: Do you sell the small silver CH751 keys for the compartments?
A: No, we only sell the FIC marked keys.

Q: Will one key work both cylinders in the lock (deadbolt and latch)?
A: Yes, one key will work for both under normal circumstances.